High Performance

The Singapore Diving High Performance Programme is helmed by National Diving Head Coach, Li Peng. He is assisted by Tu Yun, and Diving Sport Manager, Kristel Wang.

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Li Peng
National Head Coach

A world-class diver in his younger days, Li Peng won gold at the 1984 Austrian Grand Prix in the men’s springboard and was China’s national champion in 1985 in the men’s platform.


From 2001 to 2005, he was on the China national diving coaching team, coaching notable names such as Li Na, the 2000 Olympic gold medalist in the women’s synchronised platform; Xu Mian, 2001 World Champion in the Women’s platform and Li Ting, the 2004 Olympic gold medalist in the Women’s synchronized platform.


In 2007, Li moved to Great Britain and was one of the coaches in the national diving team till 2017. He helped coach the current 10m Platform World Champion Tom Daley, as well as star British divers Lois Toulson and Matty Lee. He was also the high-performance coach at Leeds diving club from 2013 to 2017.


September 2021
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